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Vintage One Ton Bike Run

Apr 4

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The Vintage Bike Club Ton Run
Sunday 29th March 2009

I was pleasantly surprised when Len mentioned he was thinking of joining the Ton Run on the 29th March, I had mentioned more then a few times that I would like to go on a run with The Vintage club as I really enjoy riding pillion on our old BSA. I think this stems from being brought up with these old Motor Cycles, in fact one of my earliest memories was being transported in a two-seat sidecar but unfortunately I do not remember the make of my Dad’s bike. My three much older brothers each had motorcycles, when they became of age, and I have fond memories of my father and brothers mending each other’s bikes much to my Mum’s horror, in the kitchen.

When Len first started work he bought an ex-post office BSA Bantam (I think that was all he could afford) on the days he went to day release Collage he would often ride through to my school at our lunch break which was one a half hours, so we could go to the shops, spend my one shilling dinner money on food to eat in the nearby Crown Woods. I seem to remember a little bit of Shenanigans going on as well.

Back to the Ton Run, We met Don at Ratanga Junction at 8.30, we could not believe the amount of bikes already lined up and looking fantastic for their age. We spent the next two hours registering for the 38 kilometer ride, Len qualifies, his and the BSA age added up to 101 years, Don was a year or two short but was allowed on the ride.

It was amazing the amount of old bikes still around and many in showroom condition their owners extremely proud of their lovingly restored vehicles. There were two bikes registered for the ten kilometer run one was a Douglas, the other one made me smile, it looked like a bicycle with an oil can attached to its crossbar, the owner, who must have been in his seventies, told us it is a Vincent. We actually passed him on the bike, occasionally peddling quite hard.

One couple arrived on their bike with their Jack Russel, before some of you gasp with displeasure; he lay on the tank and was harnessed to the owner. It seems he is quite a character and will jump onto the rear seat of motorcycles that stop near him, obviously a bike fanatic in a passed life.

The largest group, registered for the eighty-nine kilometer ride, interesting to see some of the older bike owners chose this group. I do not know what route they took; as they had not returned by the time we left the clubhouse, after our run.

The thirty-eight kilometer run was not such a big group but a large variety of ages and makes of vehicles. It was nice to see a couple of women actually riding the old bikes, unfortunately for all those women, who burnt their bras for equality, they had to have a man kick start them, the bikes that is, not the women.
We rode in formation, which gave me a buzz as I felt therefore that I belonged to the group, unfortunately our poor BSA did not like the slow speed, as the clutch started slipping, but on the whole she went well.
We rode along the N7 and turned off into the Durbanville hills, at one point stopped for a mid run break, with a beautiful view, to be handed fruit juice and biscuits, not a bit of Alcohol in site, well done Vintage Club “Think Bike” would be proud of you! (Bottle and throttle do not mix). After the refreshment with most of the men dashing off behind the gateway of a farm to relieve themselves, it was back on the road to the clubhouse. The three of us had a fantastic morning and could not stop talking about it even while eating our burger at the Wimpy, Don joined us after a mix up, Don sitting at McDonalds and Len and I at the Wimpy.

I only hope that we go on more of these rides during the year and look forward to next years Ton Run with anticipation. June Harrison (long suufering wife)

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Re: Vintage One Ton Bike Run

Very nicely written MUM, I thnk you should register your own account on the site and I will set you up as a blogger, with your own blog section. I enjoyed reading the blog! especially the old ladies who need a kick start.

By igloonaut on   Monday, April 06, 2009 9:04:13 AM


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