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BSA 650 Super Rocket 1959

Apr 18

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Saturday, April 18, 2009 2:54:19 PM  RssIcon

The current owners father brought this bike when it was a year old. His father stopped using it, he brought a modern Japanese bike (oh shame) and it stayed in the garage until sadly the father passed away.

The bike was by then in need of a refurbishment, fortunately at the time the current owned happened to have a platting business, so he managed to refurbish a lot of the platting and the tank, which by then had rusted and full of holes, was copper dipped to rebuild it and then chromed. (one could not do that these days unless you have unlimited finance)

The bike was refurbished but never completed. It was then sent to me requiring the electrics sorted out, complete wiring, as all the wiring was missing and some minor mechanical work. On investigation, inside the primary chain cover, some screws were found to be loose and one was even found lying on the chain! So a complete engine strip was taken on, fortunately no other problems were found, but its better to be safe than sorry.

Due to the bores looking polished, the bores and pistons were measured, fortunately the bores only needed honing and new rings fitted.The valves seats were re-cut and the valves reground, an advantage of taking engineering to a good company, their service includes cleaning which heads and blocks need to get rid of all the old dirt, but do check things, like cam followers, for free movement and oil them liberally. It’s also worthwhile to have the head and block faces skimmed, especially if the head gasket is of the solid copper type.


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Re: BSA 650 Super Rocket 1959

Hi, I wonder if you can help, I have the same bike and year, I am looking to get the petrol tank repainted and needed to know if the " BSA Rocket" transfer should be on the tank as mine has not got one at present. Im not sure if they were only put on the early models or all models. hope your bike is good, many thanks, bob

By Bob Howe on   Wednesday, December 02, 2009 1:20:50 PM

Re: BSA 650 Super Rocket 1959

Hi Bob If you are refering to the round star type badge then these were different for different years, the grouping up to the intro of the unit construction was A10 for 650 twin and A 7 for 500 twin.

If you have a picture of the of the "BSA Rocket" badge I may be able to be more definative

By Len Harrison on   Thursday, December 03, 2009 4:24:22 PM

Re: BSA 650 Super Rocket 1959

Hi Len, thanks for getting back to me, sorry mate I think I gave you the wrong idea, the decal I was referring to was the one that sits on the top of the tank between the seat end and the rubber bung that covers the tank securing bolt, it had a picture of a rocket and "BSA Super Rocket" written on it, while I am on, do you know where I can get hold of a correct paint code for the tank ?, mine is the US export model with the chrome and red tank with the gold coach lines.
thanks once again, c ya, Bob.

By Bob on   Wednesday, December 30, 2009 1:28:25 AM

Re: BSA 650 Super Rocket 1959

Hi Bob
I can reserch the colours so will come back on that, regarding the decal, there are some available, so I will try that one, but if you know what it looks like maybe you can get it made at one of the sign writer places that do decals, I did for the BSA A65 and the BMW R80/7, if you cant and you can describe it better I can see what I can do

By Len Harrison on   Monday, January 18, 2010 8:37:38 PM


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