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BMW R80/7 1978 800cc Boxer Engine

May 16

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Saturday, May 16, 2009 9:47:29 PM  RssIcon

A bike for leisurely cruising, this one just needs some TLC, so lets see what happens

Now you may wonder a very British web site with BMW, BUT in 1920 a company started by Greanville Bradshaw called ABC launched his 398cc transverse flat-twin three years prior to BMW's transverse flat-twin! True ABC only made 2 000 bikes, but certainly looking at the picture BMW is a copy. (those dastardly Germans!)

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an ABC circa 1921  BMW R32 circa 1925       The BMW engine

BMW's motorcycle history began in 1921 when BMW commenced manufacturing engines for other companies. 
Motorcycle manufacturing now operates under the BMW Motorrad  brand. 
BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) introduced the first motorcycle under its name, the R32
, in 1923  

Unfortunately some previous owner had fitted one of the worse Siamese pipes I have ever seen, the points are impossible to get at (they are under the big belly at the front of the engine which is removed on the old pictur, so I can set and run the bike to check!) the carbs were impossible to tune, this model range has Bing vacuum type carbs, which are not easy to tune, but much more difficult if the headers are vastly different lengths, and as there was only one silencer a set of stainless steel headers and silencers had to be the option!

     Old Siamese    
New stainless headers & silencers


Now we all like our bikes to go BUT what about stopping, isn't that very important, this bike had been standing for a while and the original rubber hoses from the master cylinder to the solid piping looked ok, but its worth while servicing the whole brake system, and these days the braded hoses are defiantly the way to go.

Braded hoses






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Re: BMW R80/7 1978 800cc Boxer Engine

I have followed all things that you said. Thanks.

By Josh on   Tuesday, December 22, 2009 3:05:09 PM

Re: BMW R80/7 1978 800cc Boxer Engine

Hi Josh
Soory I took so long but up to my neck in it. I am glad it helped, thats why I started the web site hoping it would help people, and thanks for the feed back thats what makes it worth while

By Len Harrison on   Monday, January 18, 2010 8:31:43 PM


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