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BMW R65 1979 Part 1

Sep 20

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Sunday, September 20, 2009 1:08:20 PM  RssIcon

The current owner purchased this BMW R65 1979 new, unfortunately the bike has been standing unused in a shed for 10 or so years, the original intention was probably not to leave it for so long but time seems to go by.

So one Sunday it was of to Swellendam, with a trailer, to pickup the bike,


What a lovely little town with its own historic church


The bike was dully loaded up and a pleasant ride back over Du Toits Kloof pass.

As I started to strip it down, a complete strip being necessary as all the oil seals would have dried out and would most likely leak, the years of standing in a garage were evident:


A mouse had made a nest in the Air filter space



The hydraulic fluid had crystallized blocking the master cylinder and all the brake pipes

In order to help with the reassembly I take many pictures, especially the cable routs

Cable_routes_behind_headlight_bracket Dynamo conections See where the conections go

There are clues to oil leaks that should be observed

Oil leaked from the pressure sender

Oil leak from oil pressure sensor

Oil leaked from the fly wheel seal

Oil leak from fly wheel oil seal


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Re: BMW R65 1979 Part 1

Hey dad, cool blog, nice pics. Can I suggest that you put the picture descriptions underneath the pictures.

By igloonaut on   Sunday, September 20, 2009 5:51:56 PM

Re: BMW R65 1979 Part 1

Hi,I need some help with part for a BMW 1984 R65.

I am very new to the world of motorcycles (as in I'm only going to fetch my first bike at the en of JAN 2010).

The bike is in very good condition, its only missing the little side panel that fit below the seat. I would also like to fit the bike with a small fairing of some type.

Where can one find these parts for a R65....perhaps more important is the question is ...can you still get new parts for a bike this old or are second hand wright offs the only option?


By Jan-G Vermeulen on   Monday, January 18, 2010 7:27:26 PM

Re: BMW R65 1979 Part 1

Hi Jan
see my comments under BMW R65 part 2

By Len Harrison on   Monday, January 18, 2010 8:28:53 PM


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