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BSA A65 LIGHTNING 1972 650cc VERTICAL OHV TWIN: Wheel refurbish

Sep 24

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Thursday, September 24, 2009 5:27:59 PM  RssIcon

[ The first part of this bikes story see Archive 5th July 2008]

Now its winter, time to refurbish the wheels.
All the parts stripped and cleaned. At this stage you have to decide how far to go, I decided, re-chrome, electro zinc, aluminium polishing, painting, and replace the spokes with stainless steel with brass nickel-plated nipples.

Once the wheels are removed its worth taking pictures, so that you can see the benefits (even if nobody else notices you will get pleasure looking back). When replacing the spokes its very important to have a record of the spoke pattern and relationship from one side of the wheel to the other.

Front wheel prior to refurbishment:

  Front_Wheel_Conical_hub_prior_polishing   Close_up_front_wheel_spoke_pattern   Front_wheel_brake_plate_prior_refurbishing   Front_wheel_spoke_pattern_brake_side
  Conical hub   Spoke pattern   Brake hub side   Spoke pattern brake side

Rear wheel prior to refurbishment:

   104_0026   Rear_Wheel   Closeup_rear_wheel_spoke  Rear_wheel_conical_hub
  In the bike   Brake side   Spoke pattern brake side   Spoke pattern hub side

The aluminium parts are refurbished:

  Boiling_an_aluminium_conical_hub    Parts_after_boiling Polished_parts  
  In order to remove all the oil build up boiling in washing powder   After boiling   After polishing  


Even if the wheel bearings feel ok they are a relatively low cost item so replace them


Heating the surrounding part is essential when removing a bearing from aluminium. ( some stubborn bolts or studs can also be helped with a bit of heat, especially if the surrounding part is aluminium)



I sort the parts depending on what needs doing:

  Zinc_platting   de-chome_repair_then_chrome   choming  
  Parts for silver galvanising   Parts to be de-chromed, repaired then chromed   Parts for chroming  

I believe in using pictures to help ensure I get the right parts back!, but always use a reputable plating company (there are not many). Remember the plating process is carried out in tanks or tumbling machine and its easy for them to loose parts so give them a picture and list, it helps.

I decided to refurbish the head light and the front indicators, while the bike is of the road,  as this bike was rewired from scratch and not with an original wiring harness its important to insure records of the terminal and cable positions, photos and written descriptions.

  Indicator_&_Switch_connections     Headlight_Connections   Black_ Red_Harness_into_Headlight  

The wheels are refurbished:

Front_wheel_completed   Rear_wheel_completed
  Front   Rear

And fitted

  Front_wheel1 Front_wheel2 Rear_wheel2 Rear_wheel1



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