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BMW R65 1979 Part 2 (Rebuild part 1)

Dec 8

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009 7:29:21 PM  RssIcon

Cleaning and identifying what parts need refurbishment or replacement is a necessary but time consuming process.


In order to clean the shocks properly I use a homemade spring compressor, to remove and replace the spring, that way I can properly clean the spring inside and out (luckily these springs only needed a good clean and polish) and the under spring parts can be easily got to. The shock shaft must be thoroughly cleaned, but be carful otherwise you will damage the seal and have to replace the piston, if you can get a piston on its own, or replace the whole shock. BUT NOT JUST ONE!


It fits most classic bike shocks.


Once the parts are refurbished or sourced the rebuild can start, as I had stripped everything I started by mounting the frame on a trolley, this has the advantage of height and manoeuvrability, as mine is on wheels


This also helps with cleaning all those hard to get at places

The next objective is to fit the wheels







The front forks are loosely fitted until the wheel spindle is fitted so they align properly


Still on the trolley






The rear swinging arm


The shocks



Not too much, remember the weight can soon get too much, especially if you haven't got good lifting facilities, muscle power has to be used to get the bike down.

  rearwheelin   frontclipermudguardfitted  

Rear wheel now on the ground


Front wheel, brake calliper and mudguard



The engine can be started at any time in the process but can not be fitted until the frame can feely stand with its wheels on the ground

  enginerebuildstarts   enginerebuildstarts2  

Much cleaner, power paraffin or any engine cleaner and lots of effort





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Re: BMW R65 1979 Part 2 (rebuild)

Hi,I need some help with parts for a BMW 1984 R65.

I am very new to the world of motorcycles (as in I'm only going to fetch my first bike at the en of JAN 2010).

The bike is in very good condition, its only missing the little side panel that fits below the seat. I would also like to fit the bike with a small fairing of some type.

Where can one find these parts for a R65....perhaps more important is the question is ...can you still get new parts for a bike this old or are second hand wright offs the only option?


By Jan-G Vermeulen on   Monday, January 18, 2010 7:30:25 PM

Re: BMW R65 1979 Part 2 (rebuild)

Hi Jan
Without your phone number or area you live its difficult to advise you, please email me your details, and I will try to help you

By Len Harrison on   Monday, January 18, 2010 8:27:12 PM

Re: BMW R65 1979 Part 2 (Rebuild part 1)

Nice post. Very detailed.

By BMW parts on   Saturday, October 16, 2010 8:10:31 AM

Re: BMW R65 1979 Part 2 (Rebuild part 1)

Hello, many parts for the bmw r65ls are for sale on ebay.de or ebay.com
greetings ronald
the netherlands

By ronald danielse on   Tuesday, March 08, 2011 5:40:21 PM


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