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Stellenbosch Air Field Run 6th June 2010

Jun 6

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Sunday, June 06, 2010 12:01:26 PM  RssIcon

We all met at the usual place, well, 3 bikes and 3 cars, it is winter after all. Rai asked me to lead, but when he asked if I knew where the Airfield in Stellenbosch was I could see he knew he had chosen the wrong person. So when we gathered for the usual briefing luckily there was a volunteer who said he knew the way. So off we set.

The weather was cold but not  bad enough to spoil the run, except for the sudden U turn, it turned out the leader had forgotten exactly where to turn for the Airfield entrance, any way no harm and we duly arrived.

As it turned out there were a lot more bikes, some had come their own way, and some had fetched bikes out of Brian’s airplane hanger.

StelinboschAirFieldRun1   StelinboschAirFieldRun2   StelinboschAirFieldRun3

We all proceeded to breakfast at the club house which was not only warm but very quaint, I will say it was well organised and the food good.

StelinboschAirFieldRun4   StelinboschAirFieldRun5   StelinboschAirFieldRun6

After breakfast we trouped of to hanger 54B, Brian’s hanger, were we were treated to a wonderful sight of old motor cycles along with  a very knowledgeable talk by Brian.

StelinboschAirFieldRun7   StelinboschAirFieldRun8   StelinboschAirFieldRun9   StelinboschAirFieldRun10

Brian and a few stalwarts actually rode some of the bikes and what a treat that was, silly me, I was so enthralled by the fun,I forgot to take any pictures of the guy’s riding.



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