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BSA C10 250cc 1946

Jul 27

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010 8:16:22 PM  RssIcon

This bike is certainly a vintage and has at some time been registered with the South African Veteran & Vintage Association, due to this I decided to take a lot of pictures of it’s condition.

1946BSAC10Arrives1    1946BSAC10Arrives7   1946BSAC10Arrives3

Right side

  Left side   Close up
1946BSAC10Arrives4   1946BSAC10Arrives5   1946BSAC10Arrives6

Close up

Tank damage

Front wheel

 1946BSAC10Arrives10   1946BSAC10Arrives8   1946BSAC10Arrives9

Head light area

Battery, not good!

Battery, not good!

 1946BSAC10Arrives13   1946BSAC10Arrives2   1946BSAC10Arrives12

Rear signage

Front view

Rear view, notice the taillight skew

 1946BSAC10Arrives15   1946BSAC10Arrives14    1946BSAC10Arrives11

Clutch lever area

Head stock

Front view

1946BSAC10Arrives16   1946BSAC10Arrives17   1946BSAC10Arrives18

Rusted barrel & head

Oil tank badges

Fuel tank damage

1946BSAC10Arrives19   1946BSAC10Arrives20   1946BSAC10Arrives21

Cheap hotter

Rusted dynamo


1946BSAC10Arrives22   1946BSAC10Arrives23   1946BSAC10Arrives24

Poor Wiring

Poor Wiring

Close up of battery

The next stage, stripping in order to determine what parts need replacing and or refurbishing, requires patience and again lots of pictures.


1946BSAC10Exhaust1   1946BSAC10Exhaust2   1946BSAC10Exhaust3
Header hardly enters   the silencer   Coil held by cable ties
1946BSAC10Wateroilmixinprimarry    1946BSAC10PrimaryDrivePlateMissing   1946BSAC10PrimaryDrive
Water with the oil in primary cover   Primary half moon missing   Damage to the main drive retaining nut
1946BSAC10Carbfilter   1946BSAC10HeadligtConnections   1946BSAC10OilFilter
Air cleaner no filter   No wiring to amp meter   Oil tank filter
1946BSAC10DynamoDriveTabWasher   1946BSAC10DynamoDrive   1946BSAC10Clutch1
Damaged lock washer   Dynamo drive   Clutch showing rust
 1946BSAC10ClutchCenterHub    1946BSAC10ClutchOuterHub   1946BSAC10HeadBoltsSheared
Clutch lock washer damage   Clutch outer, rusty   Head bolts sheared



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