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5th Century run 27th March 2011

Mar 31

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Thursday, March 31, 2011 6:59:27 PM  RssIcon

This would be my 3rd Century run, missed the first 2, the combined ages of you and your bike must add up to 100 & over.

It did not start well for me; as I was getting my 1972 BSA A65 out there was a strong smell of petrol, on inspection I noticed  that the pipe from petrol tank to right hand carburettor was leaking. Fortunately that was easily fixed by installing a new piece of pipe, from then on the day went well, as attested by all the following pictures.

The marshalling point was at Century City, and the runs broken up into 3 distances, where 67 bikes took off, some even had pillions riders. The oldest bike + rider 175 years young!, this is a mile stone.

That's enough verbiage now, enjoy the pictures


The route map


The meeting place

5thcenturygroup    5thCenturyRun001   5thCenturyRun004
5thCenturyRun003   5thCenturyRun002   5thCenturyRun005
5thCenturyRun006   5thCenturyRun007   5thCenturyRun008
5thCenturyRun009   5thCenturyRun010   5thCenturyRun011
5thCenturyRun012   5thCenturyRun013   5thCenturyRun014
5thCenturyRun015   5thCenturyRun016   5thCenturyRun017
5thCenturyRun018   5thCenturyRun019   5thCenturyRun020
5thCenturyRun021   5thCenturyRun022   5thCenturyRun023
5thCenturyRun024   5thCenturyRun025   5thCenturyRun026
5thCenturyRun027   5thCenturyRun028   5thCenturyRun029
5thCenturyRun030    5thCenturyRun031   5thCenturyRun032
5thCenturyRun033   5thCenturyRun034   5thCenturyRun035
5thCenturyRun036   5thCenturyRun037   5thCenturyRun038

Half way stop

5thCenturyRun040       5thCenturyRun039

All meet at the club

5thCenturyRun041   5thCenturyRun042   5thCenturyRun043
5thCenturyRun044       5thCenturyRun045


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Re: 5th Century run 27th March 2011

Nice photos dad!

By Dean Harrison on   Sunday, May 08, 2011 9:47:46 AM


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