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BSA A65 Thunderbolt 1969

Oct 24

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Monday, October 24, 2011 5:09:51 PM  RssIcon

A651969Thunderbolt   A651969Thunderbolt1   A651969Thunderbolt2

These are pictures of the bike that a new customer may be trying to emulate, I was asked to help with various areas of the rebuild as Roger wished to do a lot of (dare I say) the easier parts, so we will see what areas I was needed for!

BSA T 1969 001        FrontSuspensionNeedsWork

With the rear shocks there was only one decision replace them. The fronts needed complete refurbishment.

 FrontSuspensionParts2   FrontSuspensionParts    FrontSuspensionParts1

New bushes & seals were sourced,the stanchions needed to be chromed and ground to size, unfortunately one of the stanchions was bent beyond repair and as the outer sleeves would be rusty, as evidenced by the mess on the bushes, it was decided to make both inners and outer sleeves. 


FrontwheeHubSide   FrontWheelNoneHubSideClose Up   SpokesNewOld
FrontHubRefurbished1   FrontBrakeBackePlatePolished   FrontBrakeBackePlatePolishedPainted
RearWheel       RearBrakeHubPolished

Both front and rear wheel rims needed re-chroming, new stainless steel spokes and brass nickel plated nipples fitted

The hubs were skimmed and refurbished as were the brake plates


OilPumpValveTimmingMarks   Points   CrankCaseDriveSproketMess
Crank1   CrankSludgeTrapOut   DriveSideBearingCupRemoved

As can be seen the normal strip of the engine uncovered areas that needed attention


  FinishedEngineClutchSide     FinishedEnginePointsSide

The finished bottom end ready to install



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