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Photo Shoot at Hangklip on 27th January 2012

Apr 4

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Wednesday, April 04, 2012 4:44:05 PM  RssIcon

For those, like myself who do not know where Hangklip is, Its about 10 klm. on a dirt track past Pringle Bay

I was approached from  Holland,by a Dutch fashion magazine, requiring a motorbike for a photo shoot.

I offered 3 bikes for them to chose from.

HungklipBSA   MyBMW003   HungklipBSABantam

1972 BSA A65             1987 BMW R80/7            1972 BSA Bantam

The BMW was chosen and  arrangements  made with a local company who were coordinating the shoot this end.

On the day I decided to take my buddy Don (Split Pin, see a blog about him on this site) off we set to Hangklip, with the BMW on my trailer.

We decided to leave enough time to get to Pringle Bay to have a leisurely lunch and arrive at Cornelia’s Kraal Beach Shack, Koeka,Cornelia’s Kraal Hangklip for about 14h00 as requested, we were given exact directions even to the gate combination padlock, all of which worked well.

Driving through the gate we were greeted by dunes and a very narrow sandy track, we eventually found the local lady, Nancy, at an old house (well that's an exaggeration, it was a shack!)


Nancy explained they would like us to take the BMW onto the beach, well that turned out to be impossible, as the dunes were higher than the shack, see the view of the house the shack is next to it and hidden by the dunes!

 Hungklip2    Hungklip7   Hungklip3

On scouting around I found a place further round that gave a lovely view of the bay, this was accepted, an so the photo shoot took place, with 2 models, the photographer tried to get a moving shot, but the sand was to loose and dangerous.


Hungklip5   Hungklip1   Hungklip6

We were observed by a large male baboon, unfortunately I did not get any pictures.



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