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BSA 1954 B31 Plunger Frame 350cc Engine

Jun 18

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013 5:22:15 PM  RssIcon

The B31, during its life, had several frame types, solid, plunger and eventually, swinging arm

bsa-b31 Rigid   bsa-b31 Plunger3   bsa-b31 SwingArm

This bike was recently purchased by a local artist who specialises in art work on bikes and many other projects, see his link on this site, under Links: Custom Paint Work Specialist

A friend introduced us, as the owner needed help with the mechanical work, this is not a strong area for him, so I took mainly the engine and gearbox

Engine1   Engine2   Engine3
Engine4   Engine5   Engine6
Engine7   Engine8   Engine9
Engine10   Engine11   Engine12
Engine13   Engine14   Engine15
Engine16   Engine17   Engine18
Engine19   Engine20   Engine21
Engine22   Engine23   Engine24
Engine25   Engine27   Engine28

Although the engine looks dirty there is not a lot of problems, just normal cleaning, refurbishment and recoating parts for the look, unfortunately the gearbox is another story.


GearBox1   GearBox2   GearBox3
GearBox4   GearBox5   GearBox17
GearBox7   GearBox8   GearBox9
GearBox10   GearBox6   GearBox12
GearBox13   GearBox16   GearBox14
GearBox19   GearBox20   GearBox22
GearBox11   GearBox18   GearBox24

The gearbox oil had completely dried out and the castings and all the internal parts had to be boiled in washing up powder and soda, the castings will be bead blasted.

The internal parts were boiled in oil, and then soaked in oil until its time to reassemble them

The wheels were in need of refurbishment so were stripped, the paper between the spokes is so that each view / side can be seen without confusion of the other side.

Front Wheel Brake Side       Front Wheel None Bake Side
Reart Wheel Drive Side       Reart Wheel None Drive Side



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