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1973 Triumph 750 TR7V Tiger Vertical OHV twin

Jul 31

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Thursday, July 31, 2008 7:14:06 PM  RssIcon

1973 Triumph 750 TR7V Tiger

This bike was bought  brand new by the current owner in 1973, unfortunately he handed it over  some 4 years ago to another “refurbisher”, who stripped it and  realiseing he was too busy to go any further, gave it back in boxes! unfortunately parts missing, some very rusty and some expensive parts that will  not be able to be refurbished.

With this situation all the parts have to be thoroughly cleaned, the best method is to soak (sometimes for days) in power paraffin or a mixture of old engine oil thinned down with petrol, dried and then cleaned on a brass wire wheel ( alluminium parts must not be cleaned with a steel wire wheel) to remove dirt, rust and thread locker. Some parts that are chromed or heavily rusted I send out to professionals for stripping..

Once cleaned I can asses what parts can be refurbished and have the steel parts galvanized, to preserve them, while I work on other parts, decide on new part requirements, wait for spare parts pricing & availability.

One necessity to a refurbishment like this is a parts book, these show an exploded view and the part numbers required to source parts, parts books are fairly easy to get for some makes / models. Obviously a workshop manual is helpfull, but they don’t show the same detail.

I copy the parts book, in order to keep the original clean, and tick of those parts that can be used and make notes for the missing and unuseable parts, although this is quite time consuming it pays dividends in the end. It also gets you to understand the parts and assemblies for when the rebuild process starts. Also pictures, which can be sourced on the internet, will help for any spaying, although printing them does not always give a true colour.



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