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A Ulysses WC run to Du Toit Pass Lodge

Oct 10

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Friday, October 10, 2008 7:11:00 PM  RssIcon

Sunday 27th July 2008 Month end run to Du Toit Pass Lodge.

As most people were going to the Brass Monkey I was elected, (arm twisted and therefore volunteered) for this run. June and I discussed which venue we should use, being “souties” we really don’t know many places, I think it was Stephen K who suggested the Du Toits Pass Lodge, so on Saturday after many phone calls we managed to find their phone number and book them, but for how many? On the Sunday morning, which was extremely cold we duly arrived at N1 City and a crowed of 7 people joined us including Tiki & Delva, who travel from Kleinmond which is a run on its own before they get to N1 City!
After explaining the route Peter Bougard was elected as leader as he indicated that he knew the route, so away we went were Peter smartly lost his sense of direction in Monte Vista. That’s being unfair he knew where we were, but not how to get back on the route through Edgemead, I took the lead, to get us back on track and Peter took over again.
We went over Du Toit Pass, battling a strong wind, arriving at the Lodge we were shown into a large restaurant, which has an open side facing the river and mountains where the sun rises and had warmed the room, it was like walking into summer. The breakfast was excellent, the company good, and I believe the restaurant could easily accommodate 40 odd, but whether the breakfast would be served so well I can’t guaranteed .
We left with Klause, I had decided, providing the wind had died down, to go back over the Pass as I strongly object to paying the tunnel toll, well the wind had all but gone so a lovely trip through the pass following Klause. At Lanners Landing turn off Klause, as I had heard at the Lodge, turned off to join Rodney, had I been on my own I would have been tempted, but I was glad I had a pillion passenger needing to get home, who also enjoyed the run.

Len the Pen Editor Ulysses WC magazine


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